Traditional Style

Give me a phone call or an email, so we can touch base, see if dates suit, and if you feel I could be someone you would be comfortable to work with.  Then we should have an informal meeting, go through your ideas, make a rough plan of your day.

I will only ever take one wedding booking a day so that there will be no time conflicts, overlaps or pressures. Should something unforeseen happen on your day I can then be flexible and go with the flow. The last thing you need is the stress of time pressure from someone with other appointments to attend.

At no time are you obligated to make a booking with me. It has to be right for you. I can give you recommendations of a celebrant who may suit you better. I will be able to help you with ideas, give you a selection of vows, messages, promises… to aid your wording. I will also write ’Your Story’ for ’Your Day’. From the booking time until your big day we can exchange emails, phone calls, texts and meetings for suggestions and planning.

I would definitely want to have a rehearsal the week leading up to your wedding where as many of the wedding party as possible would be in attendance. This helps all of us to know what to expect, and ask questions and just see if the logistics in your mind will actually work on the day.  I like to be very well prepared! 

My charge for the complete wedding package is NZ$485, plus mileage for weddings outside the greater Christchurch or Selwyn districts.

This includes my Sound System and my sidekick to run it and play the music.  This is a ‘free’ added extra, but due to his work commitments, it is not always guaranteed.

A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to confirm your booking, with balance being payable two weeks prior to the date of your wedding.


I have been appointed by Births, Deaths and Marriages to perform registry ceremonies. These can only be performed Monday to Friday and not on public holidays. These can be done at my home, or at a venue of your choice within reasonable travelling distance from my home in Lincoln. 

This is a ‘no frills’ ceremony, no prior meetings, of which the script and wording is standardised by Births, Deaths and Marriages. No changes are allowed to be made. You are only able to have a very limited number of guests (under 10). The cost is NZ$90, this it to be paid direct to me prior to your ceremony. 

No Frills

This is a combination of the above two styles. With no story or rehearsal or sound system. There is only one meeting. The wedding will be a standardized script, but you can write your own vows if you wish.  With a limited number of guests to under 50. You will have to provide your own music and venue. The cost for this ranges from $150-$250. With added mileage when necessary. This also requires a 50% deposit to confirm your date, with the balance being due two weeks prior to your ceremony.