Renewing Vows

People renew their wedding vows for many reasons.  It doesn’t matter how long you have been together or the reasons.  It’s always wonderful to be part of a couple’s day who want to re-affirm their love and commitment to one another.  It is extra special to have your children and even grand children, witness this occasion and such a delight to have extended family and friends watching on; to reconnect with family and maybe even the original wedding party.

I often think what a pity weddings are only done once!  This way you can re-live, remember, re-affirm and even re-invent the biggest decision of your life and share it with those who have journeyed with you.  It is certainly worth celebrating.

Even though legal documents are not required for this – it’s nice to make the vows a focal part by using a Celebrant.  I can also provide a certificate for you to sign to have an official keepsake of your renewal.