Your loved one has passed away.  Whether a fitting end to a life well lived; or a tragic life cut short, it is always a loss.

To me funerals are the last chapter for the deceased.  A chapter some run from and others embrace; I am the later.

Sometimes the opportunity arises to meet a dying person before they pass.  This is such a privilege.  But more often than not, my job is for those left behind.  Their loss can be ever so slightly softened by a well written, sensitive and heartfelt tribute.  The supporting families, delegating, helping focus and making the best of what I have come often to call “A lovely horrible day”.

Why I do funerals

In 1999 my 18 year old nephew was tragically taken by another motorist.

I closely witnessed my heartbroken sister’s life change through this earth shaking loss.  I was helpless to fix it.

That event forever changed me.  My attitude to death and the dying and also the impact on their nearest and dearest.

Death is a part of living, it is the only thing we all have in common, ‘no one gets out alive!’.   I now see funerals as more than a service.  It’s a time of grief, yet if there is joy to be had we must celebrate that.  It’s a time of saying goodbye in the very best way possible.  A time of sharing memories and even finding out things you may not have known before.  A time of tears and laughter, a time of forgiveness and reconciliation.  A time of laying to rest the deceased.